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Facebook's Mini-Feed and News Feed features

Facebook team has added two new useful features which are listed below: 

(1)News Feed

News Feed appears on user's homepage and highlight's what's happening around you on Facebook. It 
updates a personalized list of news stories time by time, so by this you can know when Usama adds 
ali to his Favorites. Now, whenever you log in, you'll get the latest headlines generated by the 
activity of your friends and social groups.


Mini-Feed,apppears in each person's profile, is an addition to the profile that shows all the 
latest stuff someone has added on Facebook.It only facilitates one person.Each person's Mini-Feed 
shows what has changed recently in their profile and what content (notes, photos, etc.) they've 

They both provide a different way of looking at the news about your friends, but they do not give 
out any information that wasn't already visible. Your privacy settings remain the same – the 
people who couldn't see your info before still can't see it now.


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