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Android Emulator

An emulator is a virtual mobile or you can say a mobile in soft form, Android emulator is widely used for application development at academic level , it is built-in in the Android SDK and installed on user's system with the Android SDK , the technical details of the emulator are as under.

The Android emulator accomplishes its work through an open source “processor emulator”
technology called QEMU ( developed by Fabrice Bellard. This
is the same technology that allows emulation of one operating system on top of another, irrespective
of the processor. QEMU allows emulation at the CPU level.

In the case of the Android emulator, the processor is based on ARM (Advanced RISC
Machine). ARM is a 32-bit microprocessor architecture based on RISC (Reduced Instruction
Set Computer), in which design simplicity and speed is achieved through a reduced number of
instructions in an instruction set.

You can find more details about the emulator in the Android SDK documentation at



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