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ECG-Equipped Smartphone Could Save Lives, Minimize Hospital Visits

A new German smartphone is equipped with monitoring a patient's heart and send information directly to doctors without any hurdle, and in this way decreases risks and reduces health care costs.

Now adays most of the deaths occur due to the heart disease according to a report about 30 percent of deaths across world occur due to heart disease, so in such a situation Patients must carefully monitor their heart health with frequent visits to the doctor. The most important test for people suffering from cardiovascular disease is the electrocardiogram (ECG), a diagnostic tool that measures the electrical activity of the heart. Unfortunately for most patients, ECGs are expensive and, since they are taken sporadically, provide only a small snapshot of cardiovascular health.

So to overcome this problem for poor people the new smartphone, called H'andy Sana 201, contains a rapid ECG tool that measures and records heart activity then it sends text messages data directly to patients' doctors, who can quickly respond to any concerns according to data. The smartphone measures and records the heart's electrical impulses using three sensors 

Just like a hospital's ECG test, the H'andy Sana 201 measures the electric pulses sent through the body by the heart. To use, a patient presses his/her fingertips to the phone's steel frame, which contains three sensors. The phone has calibration barriers to prevent the sensors from picking up movements from the arms and shoulders. It's also designed to ignore frequencies above the heart's estimated 150 hertz. The phone's processor uses algorithms to extract the heart's rhythm, which the patient can then transmit directly to the doctor.


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